Partner with an expert

No matter what your level of wealth, working with us can help you better identify and pursue your ambitions.  Together we will build a complete strategy to reach these ambitions and manage your changing financial situations.

Financial Planning

At Rivettas Wealth Strategies, we are committed to helping you connect your finances and values, providing objective advice and . developing a comprehensive financial road map to your future. Our comprehensive planning and portfolio management strategy looks at six key areas to create a whole plan:

  • Accumulation: how to target asset growth
  • Retirement planning: how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way
  • Estate planning: how to preserve your assets
  • Risk management: how to protect your assets
  • Business planning: how to grow and manage your business
  • Taxation: how to minimize your tax burden

Once we have thoroughly explored each area in detail, we will develop a plan that addresses all of your financial ambitions. While presenting our recommended strategy, we also offer education on each element and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Finally, we implement and regularly monitor your plan, adjusting or updating it as needed. By working together, we seek to help you simplify the complexities of your financial life by managing your wealth for the long-term.

Investment Management

Hiring someone to manage your investment portfolio may sound like a service only the wealthy need — or can afford. But investment management is about making the most of your money: No matter how much you have in your portfolio, it’s important to ensure every dollar is optimized. At Rivettas Wealth Strategies we work hard to ensure that our portfolio management aligns with our client’s ambitions, risk tolerance and financial priorities. Our objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you need with the lowest possible risk necessary to reach your overall financial ambitions.

Our Fees

Rivettas Wealth Strategies is paid via a tiered down percentage of assets under management (AUM). We are not paid by commissions or referral fees.  This aligns our outcomes with our clients’, and allows us to focus on their goals and providing unbiased advice. 
We provide the most value to people who have comprehensive planning and investing needs and who have investable assets of $350,000 or more.  
Fees and services can be discussed in further detail on an introductory call or meeting.