Our practice is built on two pillars: deep understanding of our clients’ needs and quality relationships. These are combined with a passion for finance and an analytical thought process acquired through earning a master’s degree in civil engineering.

Investment Planning | The Story Of Rivettas Wealth Strategies

It seems all of my life has been devoted to construction, specifically bridge construction. Both my father and grandfather are/were civil engineers and contractors. My great-grandfather owned the first bulldozer and dump truck in the state of Utah. Building bridges is in my lineage. After earning my master’s degree from the University of Utah College of Engineering, I did just that. Years later, my passion for building bridges of steel and concrete gave way to building bridges with sound wealth management principles and detailed financial plans. I found that my passion for finance and investments, coupled with a structured planning thought process developed through my engineering background, laid a great foundation for helping people build their own financial bridges. With this foundation and my desire to help people achieve their goals, Rivettas Wealth Strategies was born.

With each client, I work to “bridge gaps” by providing solutions along the way. The ongoing financial planning and wealth building process can provide immediate and long-lasting benefits by taming anxiety and building the confidence that my clients desire. I have a true life-long passion for these processes. I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients, old and new, constructing their “bridges” to their future. I work with a variety of clients, but I feel I am at my best working with:

  • Women in financial transition either through divorce, loss of spouse, or career change.
    • We work with clients and their attorneys as a team member throughout the divorce process to establish a strong foundation from which the divorce attorney can negotiate.
  • Female business owners, professionals, and executives who have their time taxed by career/life/family and are looking to find a teammate to help them collaborate, implement and continually monitor a plan of action that will convert their thoughts and ideas of the next chapter of their lives into a reality.
  • Women (and their significant others) who are soon to be or recent retirees who are looking for a person they can trust to provide them direction and strategy regarding their financial lives and wellbeing.
  • Professionals who recognize they want a personal CFO to provide advice and collaboration to help navigate their personal financial lives.