Who We Serve

We work with an array of different clients from different backgrounds and needs with a large percentage of those clients being women at financial transitional points in their lives. Whether you’re facing retirement or suddenly found yourself in another life/financial transition such as divorce, career/job change or loss of a spouse, we can help you address your most pressing money questions and anxieties in a comfortable setting and in layman's terms.

We specialize in helping women work through their unique financial issues, including:

  • Providing a space to discuss emotional issues that revolve around money.
  • Taking care of the fear of not having enough.
  • Understanding the balance between risk and reward in investing.
  • Developing a sustainable, complete and coherent saving and investing strategy.
  • Becoming financially independent and stable after divorce or death of a spouse.
  • Deciding when to retire.
  • Managing sudden wealth.
  • Buying or selling a home or refinancing a mortgage.
  • Taking on the care and financial support of elderly parents.
  • Evaluating the need for long-term care insurance.


Our Ambition

Our firm’s ambition is your overall financial success and its attainment through the development of a positive, impactful relationship. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and ambitions, and understand what keeps you awake at night. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.


Why Us?

Today’s economic environment presents many challenges. We understand these challenges bring questions and concern. But along with these challenges comes opportunities and potential rewards for those who want to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Our compassion for our clients' needs and success is coupled with our desire to make a positive impact on everyone we come in contact with.

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We are committed to helping women walk through some of life’s most challenging chapters with an advocate at their side. We can help you feel more confident-whether you are changing jobs or careers, navigating your way through a divorce or the death of a spouse, receiving an inheritance, starting or selling a business or looking to retire comfortably. We help women who are worried whether they will have enough money to retire, strategize how best to care for themselves and their families when they are older.

Start Here With Investment Planning | Rivettas Wealth Strategies


At Rivettas Wealth Strategies, we are passionate about helping our clients create their individual pictures of financial independence. We strive to ensure that all of our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about their own finances and how best to manage them.

Start Here With Investment Planning | Rivettas Wealth Strategies


Education is a key component to how we empower our clients. We believe the more our clients know, the greater the success they will realize on their financial journeys. We are dedicated to empower our clients to ask questions and take ownership of their financial security, to understand their options and individual needs so they are prepared to face the future with confidence.


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